Please only contact us for questions or concerns! Any message that is inappropriate will be deleted and the email used will be blocked! Be smart! :)

If you want to commission something from us, Don't use this format we have right here! Go on the "commissions" tab!


Must read!

-Please read this fully before deciding to purchase from us! You must be at least 13+  in order to buy from us with parental consent unless you're 18+ you don't need parental consent. Though with each and every purchase, the customer must sign a contract agreeing to the wait on their order and that they have read the TOS. 

-As for wait time it can vary from 3 days to 1 year depending on whats being made and where the order is placed on our queue. Its completely normal for customers to be anxious about their order but patience is defiantly a key thing so communication can be easy and straightforward and so there isn't so much pressure being put on the maker so the order can be made as best as possible for the customers satisfaction. 

-As for payment, its done in two transactions. The first payment is the downpayment, which would be a small portion from the total thats sent first and non refundable after one week! So be sure if you would like to commission before buying! Then the second payment of the left over cost will be sent after to complete the entire transaction. Customers who pay in full upfront usually have their stuff worked on first more than people doing payment plan because they have their money fully sent over already. All transactions take place mainly on venmo but if theres any issue, other payment options are available.

-Shipping cost will usually be added into the total when the buyer gets their quote (estimated price of their possible order). Though shipping in the US is $25 and anywhere else outside the US is $45. 

-Lastly, the characters you plan to commission or get a quote for must belong to you!! If the character isn't yours, we have the right to decline your request for a commission or quote. Unless you're planning to have a suit made thats based off a character from a tv show, video game, etc, thats perfectly fine!!